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Studio Diary

Balance and New Beginnings

Donna Heart

Hello friends!  Come on in, sit down!  Oh how I've missed you :)  It's been way too long since last we chatted hasn't it?!  So what do you think of my new digs?  It's just nice to be back on the web again, I have really missed the interactions with all you lovely visitors!

Well for a first post I'll keep this short and sweet.  My word for the year...

I dont always have one, but every now and then something just speaks to me and this year I really felt that a good focus for me was to regain balance in my life between work, home and play.  Previously, it's been a work/home balance with no play in that equation, so in order to fix that, I've made 'balance' my guiding light this year. 

So far so good.  I've actually painted, albeit a little bit.  I've been out to a movie and one concert.  I've had two friends around for dinner - on a school night to boot!  I've also read two books, just.  for.  fun.  However, most importantly, I took our little family off for our very first family holiday this Easter, and it was grand.

So, I think I'll leave it there.  I know, there's so much to catch up on isn't there!  All in good time my dear! 

Light and love.