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Donna Heart is a Western Australian artist living in the beautiful seaside town of Geraldton who first started painting only seven years ago. 

Now at 44, Donna is beginning to sink into her own style and continues to explore and refine her craft.

Her inspiration comes from journeys, experiences and the amazing Australian landscape.  Her work reflects an intuitive style. Rarely planned yet led by her heart and senses, Donna's paintings take you on a journey through country, colour and pattern.  Some say dream-scapes, others say narrative, either way Donna's paintings are a feast for the senses, exploring pathways, rivulets, hills and valleys and everything yet unimagined.  Snippets of nature collide with pattern to entice and take you back to a place of your own experience. 

Donna owns one dog, two cats and three rats, although it could be said that the cats own her.  Together with her two children, she enjoys living on the edge of town where the sky is wide and the view from the kitchen stretches to the horizon.